Expertise... for a Zero-FOGS future


Working as an objective independent consultancy, Futurologies is uniquely positioned with an extensive network of industry-leading collaborators and in-depth field expertise. Fats, Oils, Grease and Solids (FOGS) is our forte, with broad stakeholder experience, market understanding and regulatory expertise.


The development and adoption of hybrid FOGS control systems and Energy Offset technologies, drives our strategic activities. Without constructive activity to innovate and facilitate their growth, FOGS Control products & offset technologies will continue to see significantly extended adoption times. Let's change that situation!


Many ground-breaking technologies that have significant opportunity to contribute to an integrated hybrid FOGS control approach already exist. Frustratingly, they are developed and marketed independently with no holistic view or coordination in their implementation. That's where we come in!

We generate value by... "Offering independent INSIGHT, consulting across industry disciplines to drive product and service INNOVATION of performance waste water and food waste technologies, making IMPLEMENTATION of efficient, compliant, zero-waste foodservice facilities a reality”

Putting foodservice "waste" to work... for the greater good!

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