Futurology Definition

Ecodrain - Energy Recovery from Waste Water

Ecodrain, developed and manufactured in Montreal, was originally conceived as a residential product to capture and re-use the heat energy in waste water discharged from bathing activities such as showers and bathtubs. 

Having developed both vertical and horizontal models, ecodrain also investigated the foodservice market in conjunction with the Foodservice Technology Center who conducted field evaluations of the product connected to commercial dishwashing machines.

The results showed that there was a very viable proposition for this innovative solution, ecodrain having the opportunity to recover sufficient heat to offset the energy consumption by at least 20% and perhaps in excess of 40%.

For more information visit the ecodrain website or see the FutureFOG Blog post

Solids Management at Source

The Drain Strainer offers kitchen drainage system protection, being located at the source of the water and debris discharge. The design allows grease interceptors, floor drains and wall drains to maintain proper function, while also allowing the sinks in your, kitchen bar or dish area to drain quickly.

Captured food debris is easily managed by emptying the stainless steel drawer compartment to trash or organics recycling. Either is a better proposition than clogging your drain system or blocking your grease interceptor, but remember that in a landfill situation decomposing organics create methane gas with is over 20 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide! Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

DrainStrainer models are also an affordable alternative to a commercial garbage disposal, reducing complexity and reliability of operation.

Extended Capacity Hydromechanical GI

Manufactured by Canplas Industries Ltd., the Endura XL Extended Capacity interceptors are generally considered the highest performing Hydromechanical GI's in the market at this time. Operationally, these units are comparable to gravity tanks 4-5 times their physical size and they carry all relevant third party approvals.

Innovative design and rich in value-added features these models perform consistently in the 98%+ FOG removal range and incorporate a uniquely accessible Dynamic Inlet Baffle that not only manages the flow that results in the product's performance, but also gives full access for maintenance and inspection. Endura also offers remote pumping capability.

Other credible manufacturers in this HGI category are Thermaco (Trapzilla) and Schier Products Co. (Great Basin)

Bio-Active Organic Waste Digesters

Although questioned in terms of their effects when dosed into Grease Interceptors, bacterial & active ingredients when used for specific purpose and in a controlled environment to treat organic wastes on-site, may have a future in the foodservice sector.

ORCA manufactured by Totally Green Inc. has had good success in demonstrating the function and benefits of their product since 2012.

ORCA models for example can digest up to 100lbs of food waste per hour in their largest model and find application in hotel and institutional kitchens. Although effective on the organics the bacterial strains in ORCA (and other manufacturers such as BioHitec and PowerKnot), cannot effectively treat the FOG content of the waste consistently enough to meet regulatory discharge limits.

As a result any installation of a bio-digester should also include a dedicated grease interceptor for the discharge particularly where retrofitted to an existing kitchen.

Active FOGS Removal

'Active FOGS Removal' is a product definition adopted by Environmental Products & Services Ltd (EPAS), manufacturers of an extensive Active Removal product line, branded GreaseShield and FilterShield.

Established & assembled in the UK, globally-awarded and EcoSpecifier GreenTag Certified, they remain little known in North America at present, but already carry & exceed Nationally model code requirements.

The design of the GreaseShield is unique in that it does not require the direct heating of the water/FOG with an immersion heater, substantially reducing the risk of fire. Additionally the food solids are separated and remain segregated from the FOG removal area - meaning that operation is odor-free.

Electrochemical Waste Treatment Technology

2017 winners of a prestigous GreenTEC Award, Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. are pushing the 'advanced technologies' envelope with their WETT-G and WETT-S wastewater systems.

Finding initial application in the military sector, marine industry and for remote location water treatment, their innovative electrochemical treatment technology is relatively compact and is able to remove a broad range of contaminants. Initial high level review suggests their technology could be employed in onsite energy offsetting for FSE's.