Thanksgiving 2018 - 46 Million Turkeys

Give thanks for the Flushers!

Spare a thought and be thankful this Thanksgiving for the "Flushers"  - The unsung hero's below our streets that across the US and around the World who keep 'stuff' moving to protect of our health and safety "up-top".

Our sewer systems and collection networks are designed for the 3P's of Wastewater - Pee, Poop and Paper. Needless to say, that many people beyond the wastewater industry  have little appreciation or understanding of what happens to that water and waste when we flush the toilet or pull the plug.

Fats, Oils, Grease and Solids (FOGS) will always be present in the wastewater network because they occur in so much more than the foods be prepare, but without a doubt the proper management of excessive discharge for foodservice and residential users is a key part of protecting the aging wastewater infrastructure that the vast majority of us rely on.

Before you tuck into your Turkey this thanksgiving take a few minutes to watch one of the videos in the Futurologies 'Fatberg Files' and remember that everyone has a part to play, including YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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