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Operational Troubleshooting

Technical Advisory Service  

Codes & Standards


Strategy Development

Product Improvement /Development

Product Roadmapping

Utility Offset Viability

Technology Evaluation/Positioning

Integrated FOGS Systems


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Integrated FOGS Control Systems

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"Who Do You Work With"?

Depending on the engagement, we may work with specific stakeholders, for example local government at the City level or a Regulatory Sewer & Wastewater utility. Equally we may be engaged by a Manufacturer to investigate and implement key elements of product development and/or adoption that could involve working with a diverse group of stakeholders in a collaborative manner.

We also work with other industry experts and consultants who bring their own specializations and skills to the table."

The value-add for any client, regardless of their location in the stakeholder landscape is that everything can be coordinated seamlessly through Futurologies Consulting.

Manufacturers & Product Innovators
·       Grease Interceptor Product Development
·       Active FOG Removal Systems
·       Food Waste Digestion Systems
·       Waste to Energy Technologies

grease interceptor design
Grease Trap Grease Interceptor Pretreatment inspector

Regulators & Government Officials
·       City/Municipal Officers
·       County/Regional Regulators
·       Provincial/State Officials
·       National/Federal Regulators

Restaurant/Foodservice Professionals
·       Regional/National Chains
·       Owner Operators
·       Franchisees
·       Facilities Management

restaurant management foodservice facilities

Design Professionals
·       Plumbing & Mechanical
·       Foodservice 
·       Architect/LEED Consultant
·       Waste Water 

Construction & Maintenance
·       General Contractors
·       Installers
·       Pumping/Service Professionals
·       Commissioning Engineers

pumper installation maintenace
restaurant property building

Real Estate/Property Owners
·       Landlords
·       Real Estate Management
·       Premises Owners
·       Property Developers