Sustainable Grease Management systems – FOGS for Earth Day 2020?

As Earth day 2018 passes on by – the clock is ticking on the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day movement in 2020. The implementation and adoption of resilient hybrid systems for the proper management of Fats, Oils, Grease and Food Solids (FOGS) is a strong candidate to be the focus of the 2020 activities, but there is much to do to bridge awareness gap in the foodservice industry and beyond.

WasteLab – Rethinking Industrial Waste

Kohler is an industry leader in the sanitary-ware and ceramics sector among others. They have a very developed program of activity around innovation and sustainability and in December 2017 released the video below to showcase the work they have been doing in their WasteLab project. Albeit a different industry, the […]

NSF FOG Prevention Conference – Post Event Review

The 2018 NSF FOG Prevention Conference provided a solid platform for interaction and exchange between key industry players. Three key trends came through from the 16 presentations made over the 2 Day conference in Ann Arbor, MI. Hybrid FOGS Control systems; Interceptor Monitoring Developments; Sustainability and Building Resilience will all be significant in 2018 and beyond.