Downloadable Maintenance Frequency Estimator

Need assistance with defining maintenance interval for your application? We have a simple Excel sheet that will take care of this based on a few simple inputs and is based on the American Society of Plumbing Engineers - Plumbing Design Handbook.

North American Codes & Standards

The Model Code and Product Standards landscape for Grease Interceptors in North America is multi-layered and comes with its complexity. For more information see the Codes and Standards page. Click below to view a listing of the current performance Standards.

WERF 2008

Published in 2008 this report (and the complementary Part B), studied both centralized and decentralized  Fats, Oils & Grease systems. It evaluated field grease interceptors through their separation and cleaning cycles, and provides design, sizing, and operations & maintenance guidance. Some question was raised over methods used but to date the report remains the most comprehensive published.

NYC State of the Sewers 2016

A recently updated report from New York City highlights their ongoing challenges with Fats, Oils & Grease in the city's 7500 miles of sewers. Aging infrastructure, urbanization and development and rising water levels are just some of the challenges that are influential. Still 71% of the sewer blockages that occur daily are caused by FOG.

Interceptor Whisperer HGI Product Review

For HGI's, confusion is rife in the marketplace regarding performance, certifications, listings, ratings and product features. The purpose of this guide written by Ken Loucks (The Interceptor Whisper) offers an industry overview of the devices offered by various manufacturers.