2018 Zero Waste Conference - Vancouver BC - November 8-9

Just days away from the 8th annual Zero Waste Conference - being hosted in Vancouver BC in association with Metro Vancouver.

Anticipation is mounting for this year’s event, which promises a thought-provoking mix of theory, action, and inspiration. One of the highlights of ZWC18 is an amazing line-up of speakers and panelists throughout the day and a half event. 

The City of Toronto is hosting a companion event on November 8th, organized as part of ongoing activities toward the Province of Ontario's Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016. 

It defines a Circular Economy as one in which participants strive to:

• Minimize the use of raw materials;
• Maximize the useful life of materials and other resources through resource recovery; and,
• Minimize waste generated at the end-of-life of products and packaging.

As well as attracting local experts and participants, the Toronto event will include live links to some of the ZWC Sessions happening in Vancouver...

The Bad News... Due to it popularity the event has a waiting list, having been sold out 3 weeks in advance!

The Good News... I got in early... so will post at least a summary of some of the key points and useful information post event.

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